Meet Our Team


Jatinder Dadrao (Director of Operations) 

Coming from a successful career, spanning 20 years in the travel industry, Jatinder developed his passion for food and beverage all while travelling the globe. Quickly discovering the importance and health benefits of fresh and raw juice, Jatinder began his venture into the beverage industry by launching his own successful juice company back in 2019.

Jatinder's vision for Mama Juice, combined with his vast food and beverage experience, led him to secure Mama Juice and continue developing a working relationship with co-founders. Jatinder's goal is to continue delivering quality juice, a high level of customer service and introduce nutritious new products into the marketplace.


Shikha (Growth Product Manager)

Shikha is a seasoned sales and marketing strategist who understands the importance of customer experience and developing quality products.

Having established relationships with some of the largest companies and brands within Canada, Shikha brings a diverse background in business development, branding, digital marketing and product development. As one of the original founding members of Mama Juice, Shikha understands the impact Mama Juice has made on all its customers within the local marketplace.

A dedicated professional who is passionate about the overall health and wellbeing of customers and the relentless pursuit of providing the best tasting, highest quality product in the market. Being a true believer in the Mama Juice brand, the importance of developing new and existing relationships is what Shikha values the most.

As a a self-described food nerd, she loves experimenting with unique flavour and food combinations. Playing with different juice mixtures was way too much fun for Shannon; the best part was watching people’s faces as they tasted fresh cucumber or raspberry juices. 

 She enjoys using her knowledge of nutrition to demystify the fact and fiction surrounding food. She believes nutrition is a powerful tool to support disease prevention and lifelong health. Healthy food doesn't need to be complicated – it can be simple and delicious and starts with fresh, lowly-processed ingredients. 




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