What is HPP (High Pressure Processing)?

How do you improve an already exceptional, high quality product? You utilize the latest technology in order to provide a safer and longer shelf life; without compromising quality or taste.

Food manufacturers of all shapes and sizes depend on high pressure processing machines to serve up healthy, delicious and safe products; dramatically increasing shelf life without chemicals, additives or heat.

High Pressure Processing (HPP) is an external cold processing technique. Pre-filled and sealed bottles are exposed to extremely high pressure (43,500-87,000lbs of pressure) applied externally by water. The pressure is uniformly transmitted regardless of the size and the geometry of the food products and there is no visible crushing effect. The high pressure inactivates bacteria (such as isteria, salmonella, E. coli and other deadly bacteria), yeasts, moulds, and parasites present in food. Flavour compounds and vitamins are not affected by HPP and the food retains its natural taste and texture.

Having already been approved and recognized by Health Canada and Vancouver Coastal Health, Mama Juice Co. is the first juice company in Vancouver to partner with the first HPP Tolling station in BC.

This has extended our shelf life from 4 days to 30+ days eliminating any spoilage concerns for anyone who sells or purchases juice from Mama Juice Co.

Unlike thermal, chemical and other high-heat treatments, processing with cold-pressure maintains the quality and dignity of our product.

High Pressure Processing keeps the nutrition of the original product without using chemical additives or preservatives - keeping our products clean and safe for consumption.

If you would like more information, you can visit AVURE HPP.

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