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Not Your Average Kickstart Program

Mama Juice

What is a Mama Juice Kickstart Program:

A Mama Juice Kickstart is to inspire you to be more mindful of your food choices.  This is your mental and physical break from any eating habits that are not nourishing your body the way you truly deserve.

The body’s internal detoxification organs - liver, kidney, lungs, intestines, and skin - are incredibly efficient at filtering out and neutralizing unwanted toxins.  So efficient, in fact they self-clean and restore daily. So this cleanse is not designed to deep clean these organs, but to reset eating habits.  

Mindless eating habits can lead to eating foods in response to stress, boredom, convenience, the time of day, or cravings. This cleanse is your mindful reset to kick-out any foods filled with ingredients that incite a Google search. 

Instead, for the duration of your Kickstart, your body will be satiated with antioxidant packed, plant-powered organic juices. The daily menu is carefully curated to leave you feeling energized and vibrant. 

Now you can save that mental energy which is usually spent making 200 (or more!) food decisions in a single day on activities that feed other parts of your mind, body, and spirit. 

Day one of this cleanse marks the beginning of the reinvention of your food environment. Remodel your mindless eating habits to include a wide array of the energizing, nourishing, nutrient-dense colourful plants your body thrives on. 

We have 2 Kickstarts to choose from, 1 Day or 3 Day. So give your body a jump start and choose a Mama Juice Kickstart, your body will thank you for it.

***Please note: Due to our delivery schedule, you can start your cleanses on a number of different days. We will coordinate your delivery to coincide with your cleanse schedule.



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